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High Quality Blank Labels for Your Label Printer, From the Experts!

GetLabels has decades of experience manufacturing blank labels for all makes and models of printers.

Not only does GetLabels have a portfolio comprised of over 200 different label material types, including many wax, wax/resin, and specialty resin thermal transfer ribbons, we also manufacture printers and design software to make printing labels in-house easy.

Our expert manufacturing team is backed by a Materials Research Laboratory where all aspects of pressure-sensitive labels are reviewed and qualified for use in your printer and, most importantly, so they perform as expected once applied to your product.

Although we specialize in inkjet labels receptive to water-based dye and pigment inks used by most Epson, Afinia, Primera, QuickLabel and Trojan Label printers, we’ve been manufacturing thermal transfer and laser (electrophotographic / EP) labels for decades, including many specialty constructions to suit our customers’ evolving requirements.

The GetLabels difference? GetLabels provides carefully matched supplies, including ink , toners, thermal transfer ribbons, and a vast array of label material types to ensure the highest quality imaging results no matter your printer brand or model.