Media Contract & Blanket Order Program, For Reduced Cost of Labeling

With the Blanket Order Program Save Money, Plan Ahead, and Take Advantage of Volume Discount Pricing on Inks, Toners, Ribbons, Labels, and More!

Whether you’ve owned a label printer for years or are considering investing in equipment to produce your own prime labels or flexible packaging, managing the cost of ownership and cost per label should be high on your list of priorities.

A Program Suited for Every Business Model

GetLabels designed three (3) programs to support your business needs. In exchange for your commitment to purchase printing supplies from us, we will work with you to reduce your inventory and keep costs down thanks to our lowest prices on ink, efficient label manufacturing capabilities, and savings on printheads.

  • Blanket Order** - With Scheduled Deliveries

    Maximize savings by placing a Blanket Order with scheduled shipments for your annual consumption of labels, inks, toners, or thermal transfer ribbons. By providing GetLabels with your printing supplies requirements for the next 12 months, we can obtain raw materials at the lowest cost, produce finished goods in larger runs and pass along the savings to you – including replacement parts such as maintenance cartridges and printheads. Your designated Media Specialist will help analyze your needs and work on scheduling ship dates to take advantage of this customizable program.

  • Blanket Order** – Without Scheduled Deliveries

    Many people can predict what they’ll need in the coming year. Still, they can’t commit to scheduled deliveries due to seasonal demand or to a changing product portfolio with evolving packaging requirements. Place a Blanket Order for your yearly consumption of inks & popular labels and let us know by email or call us when you’d like us to pull from your Blanket Order and make a shipment. Our standard lead time will apply.

  • Can’t Place a Blanket Order Yet but Want to Benefit from Substantial Savings? No Worries, the Media Requirements Contract** is Tailored to Your Needs

    Many label printer owners often can’t predict what they will need when they need it or how much of each label size they will require. Whether you just recently purchased your label printer or have a seasonal business, we have you covered. Our Media Requirements Contract (MRC) grants significant savings on ink cartridges, thermal transfer ribbons, printheads, toners, and labels. Simply commit to exclusively using GetLabels printing supplies (inks & labels) in your label printer.

Price Guarantee

All inks, toners, thermal transfer ribbons, labels & printheads are offered at a locked-in, reduced price for the program period when using GetLabels printing supplies exclusively. **Programs are contingent on the exclusive use of GetLabels materials in your QuickLabel or TrojanLabel printer. Printing supplies are not invoiced until they are shipped to you.